What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

SERVPRO was prompt, thorough, and got the job done so much quicker than anticipated.  Thank you Steve!

Great service.  Was very impressed with the quick response and quality of work. 

Excellent job!  The cleanup crew was amazing. 

SERVPRO was excellent!  Really impressed with your work but I hope I never have to see you again!

SERVPRO was extremely helpful after I had a small electrical fire in the basement of my townhouse.  The owner came out immediately to provide me with some answers and worked directly with my insurance to get everything cleaned up.  They were very professional and would recommend them to anyone.

We had a small fire in one of the condo units in our building.  Nothing in our place was damaged but everything had a layer of soot that smelled.  SERVPRO came in with about 12 people and they cleaned our condo.  The cleaned the contents of our cabinets, along with walls and the ceiling.  Our drapes, bedspreads and clothes they sent to a cleaners they work with.  I'm not sure what they use to deodorize our condo but the smell is gone.  The crew from SERVPRO was very nice, clean and professional.  It took them a few days.  Our clothing was delivered back to us in 2 days.  They are really fast.  I would use them again, although I hope we never have a fire again.