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Water Damage Testimonials

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. SERVPRO of Northbrook is the team to call when disaster strikes. Highly trained staff who know what they are doing. My story is a funny one. The girlfriend put dishes in the sink and started the water. We were late to the movie and ran out. We forgot about the water. Came home and the sink had filled up and the water pouring out all over the floors of our home. Into the carpet and the wood work. Called SERVPRO of Northbrook and they responded at 10:30pm at night. They worked directly with my insurance company and started the dry out process. David checked in with me personally the next morning to see how things were going.  Their staff knew what they were doing and took care of my home as if it was their own. Got a water or fire problem call them and ask for any of these three cause they will take care of you.

Excellent service, excellent crew, and exceptional leadership.  A hardworking company that knows exactly what needs to be done.

SERVPRO of Northbrook/Wheeling / Glencoe  did a great job drying out our home after a substantial flood in our kitchen and living area.  He brought in large dryers and humidifiers.  Since the flood seeped under the baseboard, we had a concern about MOLD growing inside the walls.   Thankfully our insurance company sent SERVPRO Northbrook /Wheeling / Glencoe  before the word MOLD was uttered. We lived with the giant green machines for three days terrifying the pets and annoying the kid.  Yes.  They were loud and they were everywhere but there is NO MOLD ten days from the flood.  NO. MOLD.  David came daily and took readings throughout the house to determine the remaining moisture.  He also took three rugs to clean and dry, came back beautiful. This was not a fun week and the floor was totaled but we are very happy with the end result.  NO MOLD. Thank You  SERVPRO of Northbrook/Wheeling / Glencoe.

John, Dan and his crew did a great job of removing drywall, carpet and padding along with a vanity that was clearly messed up from sewage backup.  Then cleaned and disinfected my entire basement.  They were professional and did a heck of a job.  

They met my expectations and clearly know what they are doing.  If you have any issues that fall into their services do yourself a favor and call!

These guys were AMAZING!!!!! I had  a water leak from my upstairs bathroom into my living room---ICK.  I called SERVPRO of Northbrook, ( a friend of mine had used them before) explained what was going on and that I needed help. Steve, the owner of the company said he would get someone to the house in about an hour. 45 minutes later 2 men showed up and were able to get things under control immediately. I hope I don't have any more emergencies, but if I do I am calling SERVPRO of Northbook. Thanks again to Steve and his crew for a job well done.

My house flooded drastically and I didn't know what to do  , I googled Emergency services and they came up , the staff was amazingly incredible, they did such a great job , best quality and work , very impressed and will definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone

I just had my 2nd floor toilet break.  It seeped into the first floor.  I called my insurance company and they told me to find someone locally.  I called these guys and spoke with a man named Anthony.  He came out within an hour, I was surprised at how fast they got to my property.  They took a bunch of photos and talked to my insurance rep.  My insurance approved us to proceed and they started work the next morning.  They dried out the hardwood floors on the 1st floor and they opened the ceiling to dry it out there.  Impressive!  All done in about 3 days.  The dehumidifier was there for the 3 days, and it was not huge so it wasn't a big deal.  Very friendly, highly recommend.

I had a water leak in my bathroom which affected my downstairs neighbor's bathroom ceiling. I immediately called SERVPRO of Northbrook. They arrived within 30 minutes! They assessed the problem and started to fix it right away. They were very professional and nice and I was very thankful for the great job they did.

So, it turns out that there are companies who specialize in disaster cleanup. This isn't something I necessarily ever wanted to be an expert on, but now I know who to call if we ever have another catastrophe: SERVPRO of ...MoreSo, it turns out that there are companies who specialize in disaster cleanup. This isn't something I necessarily ever wanted to be an expert on, but now I know who to call if we ever have another catastrophe: SERVPRO of Northbrook/Wheeling/Glencoe. A few weeks ago,  of our house in Glenview IL  was flooded over an inch deep with water from a broken fridge. We called SERVPRO of Northbrook/Wheeling/Glencoe even though it was Friday at rush hour, they got to our house within an hour, and immediately started getting the water out, toted furniture to dry ground, and set up  fans and dehumidifiers that ran for the next week. The house sounded like an airplane hangar, but those things did the job -- everything was bone dry. A flooded house is awful, but SERVPRO of Northbrook/Wheeling/Glencoe helped make it a lot less worse. Five big stars.